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The number of social networks in which merchants participate is on the rise. In addition to the big three   Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn   we now have Google+, Instagram,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many others. Keeping up with all these from a merchant perspective is difficult enough, but the consumer who wishes to find and follow the brand across multiple networks is at an even greater disadvantage. Some companies have found a way to tie these disparate networks together via a hub that resides on the company website. Social Hub DefinedA social hub is a digital property that collects the content posted on social networks and displays it together in one place. It provides an at a glance snapshot of a company activity on social media and makes it easier for customers to find and follow the brand. Social hubs may or may not contain user generated content such as photos or tweets. They also enable the merchant to exert greater control over the content that is presented. In addition, social hubs give otherwise static websites frequently updated,Andrew Shaw Jersey, fresh content that can keep visitors engaged for longer periods of time. Not only can social hubs tie the content from a merchant social sites together, they can be used to: Promote products and services; Curate content around relevant topics;Aggregate mentions of a merchant brand name when and wherever they occur on social networks;Serve as the company blog. 2 Tools to Create a Social HubCreating a social hub does not have to be difficult, nor does it require a great deal of technical expertise. Here are two easy to use, inexpensive tools smaller merchants can use to set up a social hub on their ecommerce websites. Users can customize pages by changing backgrounds, colors, fonts, layouts, and themes. Select the page width, height, number of columns, and whether or not to auto extend   or infinite scroll   and then generate code to embed the page on your site. Tint provides embed options for WordPress, Facebook, Blogger, and several other content management platforms. An HTML option is available that any site can use. Premium plans start at $50 per month. RebelMouse Enlarge This ImageRebelMouse calls itself your “social front page.”RebelMouse is another social hub platform that positions itself as your front page. Similar to Tint, it also uses a Pinterest style interface. Add your social media accounts. RebelMouse supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn,cheap jerseys, and Tumblr. You can also pull in content from RSS feeds. Choose a design. You can also upload a header graphic similar to the one in the following example. Once your page is created, content will begin to auto populate from the prescribed social networks and feeds. Using a simple toolbar you can position entries where you want them to appear on the page, as well as edit or remove existing entries and see statistics on the number of times an entry has been viewed. Content can be entered directly into RebelMouse, which gives it the functionality you would expect to find on a blog and makes it more of a publishing medium. RebelMouse offers an email subscription option and connects with MailChimp to provide greater customization and control. It also integrates with Google Analytics for more in depth statistics. RebelMouse is free to use. A premium version with more features is available for $9.00 per month. Enlarge This ImageEtsy seller Mystical Oasis uses RebelMouse to promote its creations. These free or low cost tools provide an easy on ramp to social hub creation and should interest smaller merchants.